Struggling to decide between two options? Get a nudge in the right direction with our magical Yes or No button powered by the universe!


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Make Life's Tough Decisions Easier

How The Yes or No Button Works

Spin the Wheel for a Definitive Answer

Our mobile-friendly virtual spinner gives a clear yes or no response to any closed-ended question. Like a game of chance, the animated wheel literally decides for you!

Tarot Cards Reveal the Path Forward

A second yes or no fortune-telling method draws a tarot card from the deck to predict an affirmative or negative outcome. Cards like the Ace of Cups signal joy ahead while the Queen of Swords suggests letting go.

Mysterious Magic 8 Ball Offers Sage Advice

Ask any dichotomous question and our virtual Magic 8 Ball fills with swirling mist to display a definitive "yes," "no" or even "maybe" response floating to the surface. Its pre-determined answers provide a whimsical, lighthearted decision.


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